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From ‘finding your why’ to communicating successes and engaging your internal customers in new and innovative ways, it is no longer an ‘IT thing’. GWIT helps service management teams to carry out the vital role of delivering digital transformation across and throughout the enterprise.

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Some things we will be able to help with:

Effective storytelling
Communicate successes to your internal and external customers effortlessly. We help you focus on the ‘why’ behind your work..

Streamlined process improvement
Enhance the efficiency of your core activities and eliminate unnecessary tasks.

Comprehensive business support
From business development to project and programme management, we cover small and large-scale IT and business changes. Need assistance with a ServiceNow implementation or upgrade? We’ve got you covered.

Digital transformation expertise
From strategy to delivery and improvement, we facilitate enterprise service management with a focus on the often overlooked service design and transition.

Tailored guidance
Whether you’re just starting your digital journey or further along, we provide the expertise you need.

We combine extensive knowledge of business and service improvement techniques, with a pragmatic approach to maximising the value of digital technology.

Working with GWIT has changed the way our business and our customers perceive service management and the value we bring daily.

Rob Gwatkin, Senior Service Delivery Manager, Veolia

What you might expect:

Experience business growth
Our storytelling expertise enables you to communicate successes, fostering stronger connections with your internal customers.

Boost efficiency
Our process improvement strategies optimise your core activities, freeing up resources by eliminating unnecessary tasks.

Seamless business support
From business analysis to project management, we provide comprehensive services, including ServiceNow implementation or upgrade support and advice. We offer an impartial perspective and extra eyes whenever needed.

Transform your digital landscape
Our end-to-end digital transformation guidance ensures your strategy aligns with your business goals, enabling you to deliver exceptional service experiences.

Reimagining service management
Our pragmatic approach leverages digital technology to maximise its value, revolutionising how your business and customers perceive service management.

Some of those we’ve helped:

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How about an initial half-hour chat about your service management journey and some of the struggles and challenges you face? If we can help, we’ll recommend some next steps. If we can’t help, well, we will be honest.

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About GWIT

GWIT works with large and small clients from various sectors, including banking, insurance, environmental, retail, healthcare, construction, defence and energy, to transform their working methods – across IT, HR, operations, finance and other critical business areas.

Founded more than thirteen years ago, the business is a trusted partner for complex global service management organisations and ServiceNow implementation and improvement projects.