Enhancing employee and customer experiences while making work better for everyone

We help service management teams to thrive in a post-lockdown world

3x faster

response to queries – increasing customer satisfaction and net promoter scores


fall in email or call volumes to your team if using a service portal – no more inbox nightmares


Retain the best talent in your teams by removing the daily frustrations of using outdated tech


Easy, automated reporting to better understand the work being done and make sure it remains relevant

Even in the most innovative businesses, it’s still common to find business systems that hamper growth. 

From time-consuming emails and spreadsheets to complex processes, it’s all too easy to accept the status quo.

But to prosper in a post-lockdown world, we need to change how we work.

The secret to a thriving business is to rethink what has gone before and to invest in smart digital systems that save you time and money.

We partner with you to transform how you work.

Things we do:

Process improvement – make your core activities more efficient and start to stop doing things you no longer need to do.

Business development, business analysis, project and programme management covering business and IT change, small or large. A ServiceNow implementation or upgrade? We can help with that too. We can also be the extra set of eyes that you may need from time to time.

Marketing & Comms – communicating successes across your internal or external customer base will be easier than ever before. We’ll help you to focus on why you do what you do.

Enterprise service management – from strategy to delivery and improvement. Service design and transition.

Moving to cloud – email, applications, storage. Save your business money whilst benefiting from increased functionality, flexibility, accessibility, scalability, security and reliability.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing – make sure you harness the power of these tools for your business.

GWIT uses a proven 5-step programme to improve how you work:

  1. Assess activities to identify purpose, value and challenges
  2. Devise ways to streamline what you do
  3. Implement changes at speed
  4. Measure and continually improve
  5. Communicate successes to foster further innovation

We regularly save businesses many thousands of pounds and free up hundreds of hours of time by working with them to implement digital workflows.

Wherever you are on your digital journey, we can help.

We combine an extensive knowledge of business improvement techniques, with a pragmatic approach to maximising the value of digital technology.

Our mission is to make work better for everyone and ensure employees and customers get what they need, when they need it.


Freeing thousands of hours for professionals to focus on what they’re good at


Eliminate the costs associated with manual, error-prone working


countries across the globe where we’ve delivered tangible benefits


rapid time-to-market for new services and a fast return on investment

The GWIT team members each have between 10 and 30 years of experience working with clients ranging from sole traders to multi-nationals.

The time and effort saved with regular tasks is quite remarkable. The team can now focus on what really matters – developing innovative and improved services for our clients and fellow employees

just one of GWIT’s clients

Some of those we’ve helped:

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About GWIT

GWIT works with clients large and small, from a range of sectors including banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, construction, defence and energy to transform their ways of working – across IT, HR, operations, finance and other critical business areas.

Founded by Matt James more than 10 years ago, the business enjoys the enviable position of being a trusted partner for complex global ServiceNow implementation and improvement projects.

Matt and his team at GWIT are known for their common-sense approach to business, cutting through bureaucracy to help you automate what matters and stop doing what doesn’t.