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Case study: Helping Veolia’s service management experts communicate the innovative ways they make work smarter for colleagues across 65 countries

Headquarters:Paris, France

GWIT worked with Veolia’s Digital Service Management team to transform messaging and communications to engage their internal customers worldwide.

It all started with ‘Why?’

Why do the team do what they do? The team know what they do and how they do it. They do lots of things, and therein lay the problem when it came to engaging the vast customer base successfully and succinctly.

Instead of focusing on what the team do and how they do it, we looked at why they do it.

Communicating ‘why the team exists’ became simple and straightforward. A message that quickly resonated with peer delivery teams and with business units across Veolia.

It isn’t just an IT thing either. The team helps legal, HR, finance, facilities, health & safety and other groups in over 65 countries make their work smarter. Some 80,000 Veolia colleagues worldwide have access to service portals built on the ServiceNow platform and maintained by the team.

Working with GWIT has changed the way our business and our customers perceive the DSM team and the value we bring daily. We are all very busy focusing on delivering quality services; there wasn’t much time left over for ‘marketing’. GWIT and Matt especially have bridged that gap for us in a way we couldn’t have thought possible 18 months ago.

Rob Gwatkin, Senior Service Delivery Manager, DSM CoE

Here’s some of what the transformation involved:

A website, reimagined

To increase engagement and to simplify the customer journey, we restructured the team’s intranet site. Information is now easy to find. The new site places emphasis on why the team does what it does. A concise message that customers can quickly relate to.

To reinforce this, the customer journey now gives easy access to success stories from other customers and the opportunity to register to attend events hosted by the service management team on a range of topics. There’s a library of previous event recordings for Veolia employees to peruse too.

The new site and its sympathetic design and ease of navigation quickly received praise from other Veolia delivery and support teams. Teams that are keen to copy and adapt the same approach for their own intranet site offerings.

Customer stories, retold

On behalf of the Digital Service Management team, GWIT now regularly engages with delivery teams and business units across Veolia. We help capture success stories where innovative use of the ServiceNow platform has already made measurable improvements.

Improvements that may include:

  • delivering consumer-grade experiences to employees;
  • realising financial or time savings;
  • increasing productivity; and
  • reducing digital carbon footprints by, for example, optimising resource usage via automation and integration.

One of the pillars of Veolia’s digital strategy is reuse via ‘copy and adapt’.

By capturing customer stories and communicating successes, innovative solutions that the Digital Service Management team has created with one business unit can be seen and deployed, by all.

Engaging events, scheduled

The team has regularly presented their work on the world stage at industry-led events. There was a need to do the same for the internal customer base.

As the health pandemic prevented gatherings in-person, Veolia’s internal customers from across the globe began taking part in interactive webinars and other events. Customers share knowledge, success stories and explore innovative uses of the ServiceNow platform.

Scheduling, hosting and promotion of such events remains a key part of GWIT’s ongoing commitment to Veolia’s service management success story.

A word from GWIT…

It is a pleasure to work with the team at Veolia. Their knowledge of the service management arena and enthusiasm to seek new and innovative ways of working with the ServiceNow platform is remarkable. The Veolia team treats GWIT as a partner rather than a supplier, something all too rare in today’s business world.

Matt James, GWIT

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